AQUA STAND UP® is an innovative Aquatic Full Body Workout choreographed to music inspired by Stand Up Paddle Boarding and different Fitness Technics like Pilates, Yoga, High Intensity Interval Training and muscular conditioning. This workout will help you to boost your metabolism and take your fitness to the next level !

Safe and fun, AQUA STAND UP® is accessible to everyone regardless of age and will improve your balance and strengthen your core with a lot of fun ! During 45 minute, you will move to the rhythm of the music and work with the resistance of the water !

First Time for you ? The BOARDS are secured by both ends to the swimming pool and are very stable ! There’s no need to be an expert to stand up on it ! The Trainer will guide you along your session and will give you the right modifications depending on your skill or the physical benefits you want to reach. Watch the instructional video before your first session !

What do I need to practice AQUA STAND UP® ?

  • swimsuit or leggings
  • rash guard for your comfort
  • bottled water for your hydration
  • warm towel to keep your body warm after the session


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